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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Low Air Pulse Vibrator

The Oralia Air Pulse Vibrator has 4 different sucking functions. Unlike the satisfyer triangle it does not have the dual vibrating and sucking function which is okay.  It is prefect for those that are not looking for as much power but still wanting to be pleased. It leave what feels to be little kisses along you clit.

This one is super quiet you cannot hear it like the other ones. It is light weight and takes three hours to fully charge for an hour play time. It is USB rechargeable and so light that it is travel friendly. 

One hit on my clit I instantly fell in love. It was like heaven on earth. You can use it to warm up and make yourself wet from it. It feels just like you are getting oral sex and your clit played with which is what I love.
 The low and high suction that was not intense but was just right was amazing on my clit. It took a little while but it felt so good. It instantly made me wet and made me want to use it while riding in which that gave me even more pleasure and it just had me melting away. 

You can use it on penis heads to give a sensation and it can also make your partner or spouse hard if they are not or just semi hard. I personally like it since it isn't heavy and isn't as intense as the other. This is nice feeling and does not cramp you as if it was intense and super fast and have you trying to squirt. It does take me a little while to line it up with my clit since it is tiny and the hole is not as big as the satisfyer but it is still a good little toy. 

 This is prefect for beginners who are not sure about air pulse toys. It is small enough for you and your partner to use while you guys are having seggy time. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Sundaze Review Vibe!

 The Sundaze is the most expensive toy I have ever bought! 
It is kind of pricy but it is worth it when taking your orgasms to the next level but for some the vibrations are not enough. It is tiny but it does have intensifying vibrations.

Some people do not like it since they are not that sensitive and the vibrations doesn't do anything for them. I mean its good vibrator and thruster do not get me wrong but sometimes you just want something a little stronger.  This is perfect for those that do not need high powered vibrators, beginners and those that are sensitive. 

 When you get it you have to press the fun and the + button at the same time to unlock it and get it out of travel mode. It is a great idea to wash it just incase any plastics or germs are on it and it is also best to charge for 4-6 hours so that you can get your pleasure time in without interruptions. If the fun button starts blinking slowly than the toy is at 30% or less. Also the toys playtime lasts up until 3 hours. 

It also has a warning if you have a pacemaker that it can be harmful due to the magnetics and possible thrusting and everything else that it does! 

It also comes with it's own carrying bag, charger and the user manual thank goodness because without it I would of not known about the travel lock system. The packaging box that is on the outside has all kinds of things written on the inside that you can try or do to help you better your orgasms. 

The sundaze is super silent! You can barely hear it and I love it! 

It has two motors and 11 and 4 different intensifying vibration, patterns and styles from thrusting, shimming and vibrating no matter where it is; It is a guarantee that it will hit all the spots you are wanting and needing giving you pleasure.  

The head is super soft and smooth while the base is plastic!  

You can save your favorite setting by pressing the fun button for about 2 seconds until you hear and feel the two beeps. To get it back to the original setting hold the fun button for about 15 seconds. The instruction book has all kinds to tech support and how to work it. It also have neat games that you and your partner can play and how to spice things up. 

You can hold it three different ways to make it more comfortable and get the pleasure you are needing! 

It is also waterproof but I would test it just like any waterproof toy before I use it on myself in water.  

You can use it in the tub, shower or pool! It is also rechargeable by USB so bye bye batteries. You can have up to 180 minutes of nothing but pleasurable play time off of one charge! 

It is so amazing that you can basically press it up against something or a pillow so that it can thrust, and vibrate itself and be hands free and there are plenty of thrusting modes!

I truly like to use it on a pillow that way I can basically ride it to get the pleasure that I am needing. 

The Sundaze is so smooth going against my clit that it instantly made me orgasm with all the modes, speeds and vibrations. I truly recommend this toy. It feels great vibrating and thrusting against my g-spot giving me the orgasms that I crave when I am pressed against it.

 This toy will make you orgasm on another level with the intensifying thrusting and vibrations and different modes. It gives you so much more by waking up your nerve endings and stimulating them. My husband could feel each vibration while we were doing anal and he loved it so much that it made him orgasm and cum also. We also love it for oral since it stimulates both of us and gives pleasure. It is so worth it to me! 


Friday, August 21, 2020

Women pH balance

 There are lots of products that says they are "safe" for your body or skin and it really isn't. Some of them can tear away at your health and cause so much to go on that it can harm you and your body. Sometimes you never know what causes them or how to stop it from happening. Somethings you just cannot stop but here are a few things to help. Be mindful of the body washes, soaps, cleansers and everything else that you use.

 Researching is great to find out information about things that you would of never thought of. Sometimes it's your own go to body wash that throws off your pH balance and causes somethings to happen. It can even happen over time it does not have to happen now. The company could even add to much or to little ingredient in a batch of their products and that could do it so it's great to have a pH balancing product when you start to notice you have an odor that you never had before or you start to feel that you are not as clean as you use to be. 

Did you know sometimes sperm or cum could throw your pH balance also? These could help with it.

Shaving could also help with removing some odor and bacteria that could sit and make it smell. There are also certain shaving creams that helps with pH balance too. Shaving isn't the healthiest since the hair protects you from bacteria entering the areas that they should not be at.

Summer eve may smell nice but they are not the greatest thing for your body. Not only does it balance your pH balance; they have all kinds of detergents and chemicals to strip your body of all the protective and its own oils. It does removes bacteria no matter if they are good or bad though. It is great for the whole body and smells amazing. There are different kinds if you're allergic to a certain fragrance all of their products are for sensitive skin. Summers Eve products also helps get rid of bad odors that lingers from the underarms to the vagina.  

 There are lots of Summers Eve ranging from body washes to cleansing cloths and Freshening Spray to make sure you smell good at all times even at nighttime since they now have nighttime wash and cleansing wipes. There are also different size bottles you could get from 9 oz, 12 oz, and 15 oz bottles you could get. You can find Summers Eve products at just about anywhere from Walmart, Target, Walgreens,  CVS, Amazon, Rite Aid. 

  It removes the odors and bad bacteria that causes them quickly. I was introduced to this company right after I had my first child. My hormones were just everywhere and I needing something to help cleanse my body since I was having issues with an odor that was not going away no matter how many times I washed it with body wash or how much I used. It does go away with soap bars. 

If you have sex unprotected and fear of getting pregnant do NOT douche! Douche pushes sperm up higher into the vagina making it easier to get to the uterus. Douching is great if you want to clean out your vagina and getting rid of bacteria or a vaginal odor. Sometimes Douching is not good because it can cause some health problems like instead of removing the bacteria it can push it up and cause all kinds of pelvic problems, cancers, cause pregnancy and many other problems like take out the good and the bad bacteria and harm your vagina cells. Douche could also cause irritations from all the stuff that are inside of them. So it is best to use Summers Eve which is a lot safer or IsoFresh.  

IsoFresh is a pH and odor eliminating gel that is also a natural Douche. It comes in applicators and you squirt it inside to cleanse the vagina inside and out. It could take up to 24 hours but it does a great job making sure its all good down there. If you happen to have some bad bacteria down there then you could see some white discharge come out when you wipe when you use it. There have been reports of that it does not have any ingredients to harm the vagina or friendly bacteria unlike the douche. IsoFresh also has an Probiotic that helps support the vaginas health and gives it more healthy bacteria. You could find these on Amazon, Walgreens, Walmart or just about any kind of pharmacy. 

There are  lots of cleansing cloths (wipes) out there. They're also a type of way to remove bacteria. This would be great to stick in your purse or somewhere when you are having a period and kind of want to tidy up or just when you are having a slight odor in the vagina and you want to get rid of it or if you're going on a date and you want to smell nice down there then use a cleansing wipe. 

There are a few deodorant sprays and wipes that are also to help with your pH balance. There are some that also absorbs moisture and makes sure you stay fresh and hides you're armpit odor sometimes more than actual deodorant. It's best to find what you can use and what smells good to you. I on the other hand use Dove (rub on) pH balancing deodorant that actually works well for me and covers my orders well. 

Joinhoney to get coupons on about every site you shop on (Chrome Extension)

Sunday, May 3, 2020

ADULTS 18+ ONLY Sensational read

Lets start by going on a date and I do nothing but flirt with you. We get home and I start kissing on you from you're neck, ears and scratching through your shirt down your back. You reach under my shirt and undo my bra while I unbutton yours. While you slip your shirt off. I quickly run to the bedroom. You chase me to the bed and I lay there. You get on top and start undressing me from my shirt down to my skirt.

You take my skirt off and there I am laying with nothing but a thong on. You take the thong in your mouth and pull it down by your teeth. You get down on your knees and start licking my clit until I tense up. You quickly take your pants off along with you underwear. You stand up in front of me and I play and massage your balls; Making you harder than you are. I jack your penis so softy before sticking it into my mouth. I go deep with your penis, twirling my tongue around your nice long and hard shaft. I then come up to the head and suck it, nibble it and then even sucking it like a straw. You moan and tense up from all the satisfaction that I have given you.

I stop and get up. I go over to the toy chest and get out a p-spot toy, a few vibrator, an anal plug, body candles, and some lube and put it on the edge of the bed. I tell you to get up on the bed and lay down. I walk over to the left side of the bed and pull out the under bed restraints. I cuff your hand and your feet so that you cannot move. I walk to the right side and do the same.

I get on the edge of the bed where the toys are and pick up the prostate toy and the lube. I open the lube and squeeze some out into my hand. I then take the prostate toy and rub it around in the lube. I spread your cheeks apart and slowly push it in doing the in and out motion while you moan until it is deeply in and touching your p-spot and locked into place.

I take the body candles and light one, letting it slowly burn down enough to drip on your chest and then drip it down my body and look at you as your all . I see your rock hard penis and I start to suck it again making it wet. I get on top of you and start making out with you. I sit on your penis and start to ride with ever thrust going deeper and harder giving me pleasure making me cum a little. I get up and lick myself off of your penis and then lick your balls while you moan.

I untie you and let you get up with the p-spot plug still in. You start kissing on me and tie me down. You start to play with my nipples and start kissing and sucking them making them super hard and sensitive.

You start kissing down my body to my vagina. You spread the lips and start licking and sucking my clit. You slip a finger in and finger me while your eating. I start moaning and cumming a little from the satisfaction. You then pick up a vibrator and slip it in. I moan from all the pleasure. You stop take out the vibrator out and then put it against my clit. I moan and squirm from all the pleasure and tease. You pick up the butt plug. You didn't have to apply lube because that's how wet I am. You then lick my clit and come up my body to my face. You kiss me and then you insert your penis inside and thrust it deep inside of me making me moan your name.

You then untie me make me get on my hands and knees and doggies me. You go deep and hard making me cum each time you do it. You then take my butt plug out and shove your hard cock inside my butt. I moan from all the pleasure you are giving me and cum some more. I moan so loud that it could be heard if there were any neighbors.

You stop and shove it back into my vagina. You then thrust so hard that it causes me to tense up and squirt. You then pull out and cum all over my back.

We then get up and clean up.  

Monday, March 30, 2020

Butt Plungering FUN!

This butt plunger is so much more than a butt plunger! It is also a dildo! You can either use the dildo looking side or the handle. Either way you can have fun! It is perfect for beginners or just warming up in general. I love the way it is smooth and soft along with flexible
! It is also realistic and has realistic veins. It is so smooth that it just slips up in the anal cavity with a touch of lube. I love this toy and would gladly use it as my warm up.

It can be used anywhere and my husband could also give a hand if he wanted to or I can use it solo since it has a long enough handle for me to do whatever I am wanting to do with it. It hits the g-spot comfortable and pleasurably that you just want it more and more.

My husband even said that it feels great hitting his p-spot making him quick to cum if it hits correctly and he says that it is so worth it that he would use it again!




Saturday, January 11, 2020

Shower sex or in the bathroom.

Shower sex can be hard, you and your partner could be different heights, you can slip and fall and have all kinds of troubles. There's a hand bar, and step you can get for the shower to help you if you ever wanted to try.

Personally to me, I do not like shower sex for the reason it causes my vagina to be kind of dry and my husband is taller than me and I'm only 4'11 so his penis touches to my back and when I bend over he hits the top of my butt crack and my cheek bone so we end up having to have me bend over and stand on my tippie toes and half way bent so we can do it.

In the bathtub it is a major issue unless we go doggie. If he lays down then I cannot fit my legs beside him but if I want to do it bad enough then we will but I tend to lay him on the bathroom floor and ride him like there is no tomorrow.

We enjoy using waterproof toys for when we  are horny in the bathroom just because it kind of is trouble for us in the tub and sometimes we just want to have some spontaneous fun and tease until we get back to the room and just go at it.

If you do have a walk in shower it may be easier but if you have a tub shower then good luck to you and if it works for you then have fun.

You may end up needing some lube the water feeling in the vagina may dry you out but I'm sure if you use waterbased lube or petroleum jelly, or even waterproof lube you will be fine since it really does not come off.

Thursday, December 27, 2018


BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism) can be scary for beginners due to you don't want to hurt your partner and you are unsure what to do. This is totally okay! Just test the waters and take it slow if it is your first time. Experiment and be sure it is something you are into and if you don't like it or it hurts to bad tell your partner and try something else.

Whips, chains, straps, blindfolds, pouring candle wax all over your partner, paddles, gags, rough sex, leashes, taking control, and many more things are fun, sexy outfits,
swings. This is really really exciting and a major turn on. I enjoy just about all of this.

Be sure you are using the candles right because if not they can burn you like crazy. Some are supposed to be low temperature candles but even though it says that it can be to hot even through it says they are not suppose to sometimes the batches are no good and don't do right. I have gotten burned from them because the heat from it was way to hot than it was suppose to be so we had to get more and they work wonders.

There is nothing wrong with this it is all fun and to help boost your sexual experience to figure out what you like and don't like. Some people do not like this at all and would rather have casual sex but then at times that gets boring and the partner can get bored so try different things and find what you like.

I preferably like ice. Ice is fun to rub all over the body from the neck to the nipples to the clit or even penis. It is fun and a major turn on. You can also do this with Arousal Gel and nipple nibblers. This is also a major turn on to me.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

If you lose interest

Have you ever done something and you lost interest? Have you ever tried something and it did not work the first time for some odd reason but you knew it would?

Exploring your body or letting your partner explore lets you know what you like and what you do not like. It helps them and you know what turns you on and what does not.

It's okay if you lose interest it just means you need to find something that interests you. Try something different use and do things you would never use or do. Try wearing outfits, dirty talking, try using toys.

 Try different positions just do something that will bring back interest and spice things up in the bedroom. Just enjoy and have fun!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

The dolphin

The dolphin is a wonderful toy. It is really slick and smooth. It is a pretty blue glittery color and it's just amazing. It has about three speeds slow medium and fast. The slow you can barely feel but the rest feels wonderful. It takes two AA batteries and it is waterproof so go play in the shower. It is 6 inches and it is just amazing.

Adam and eve had replaced mine when I got my first one. It would turn on but would not run correctly and turn right back off. I highly recommend this toy because it's so pleasurable and realistic.

The sleeve does not come off like some toys but that's okay though its still fun.


Click here to watch the dolphin toy review!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Condoms w/ Safe Sex

There is nothing wrong with using condoms. It is actually safe to use but then some condoms you cannot feel anything, you get friction burns and it could rip if there is to much pressure and if its to tight.That sucks.

There are different pleasurable ones and then there are just the normal ones. There are kinds with ridges and bumps for here then there is other kinds. If your allergic to a certain ingredient then there are ones for you.

There are ones with lube some has spermicide others do not and ones without lube all together. There are lubes out there that is compatible with them if it gets to become dry and uncomfortable. So don't worry. Just about any water based is compatible but make sure before you just put anything cause it can cause irritations and problems.

There are some that can go into the butt also and sometimes they can't go anywhere else.

The best way to take off a condom after it's been used is to aim your penis down so all the cum drains down. Pinch and slowly pull the tip of the condom out a little more than it is. Slowly roll the condom down and then slowly slide it off the penis.

Tie it in a not and throw it away. In additional clean the penis really good so that there is no left over cum and so that you cannot  get your partner pregnant. Below are some links to different kinds of condoms along with a mass link.

Him and her condoms

Lets Practice Safe Sex

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Experiment yourself; Don't push this; Communicate is key!

It never hurts to experiment with yourself or your partner. It helps you figure out what you like and don't like. It also can help figure out what you can take and cannot take. There is so much that you can learn about yourself if you just experiment. I mean hey you could be missing out on the greatest thing that gets you off because you just didn't know.

Somethings you experiment with yourself can be done by your partner so they can do it for you. That is even better because he or she will know how to please you and give you pleasure in which some people just do not know that hey somethings you do don't please me it doesn't even remotely feel good at all because you don't want to tell them. If its that way then tell them that it doesn't feel good and most people will be like yeah your right I through this felt good to you that's the reason why I still do it.

Communication is the key points during this time. If it hurts tell them; If something that they are doing is uncomfortable tell them don't keep it in and try to hide it because it will end up hurting you some how and then your stuck with why am I hurting and then it's an oh yeah light bulb going off and your asking yourself millions of questions like why did we do that when it hurt or it could be time again and your stuck but tell them how it makes you feel because sometimes they do not understand and that's where you need to communicate and say "hey I like this or hey I don't like this or something your doing hurts me."

If your spouse or partner is not ready then don't pressure them because something beautiful could turn into a mess and it can hurt them mentally and sometimes physically on the inside and out in which they feel like they are just being used and unwanted. If something is hurting them then don't continue doing it find something else and just communicate so that you know what to do and what feels the best to both of you guys.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Playing Anal

There is nothing wrong with playing anal. In fact anal is fun except when your super tight it hurts but other than that it's alright. If this is your first time doing anal you will bleed because of how tight your butt hole is.

The best way to start is with anal lube and fingers but if you do not have anal lube you can use different kinds of lube and or petroleum jelly. The jelly stays super slippery and it helps really well but you have to start of slow or you could hurt your butt.

When you feel ready then try with beginner anal toys, lube and if you want try anal ease which the ad is on this blog somewhere.. There's an ad for the set that goes from beginner to expert. I have on this page somewhere. The beginner is the smallest one and expert is the big one.

It takes a while for you to fit the cock in so it doesn't hurt so therefore it takes time. You have to stretching your butt and muscles so it will hurt slightly but if you just want to try anal with the cock then be sure to go slow and use lots and lots of lube because it will hurt you.

Use anal ease and lots of lube so it doesn't hurt but it may bleed because you are forcing something huge in to your tight ass.

Anal ease just takes away some of the sensitivity so that you cannot feel any pain. It feels really good and gives you pleasure without pain but some people like the pain and the blood but I guess they are into that kind of stuff.

But there you have it some stuff about all anal not just guys and girls but for everyone. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Talk dirty to me!

Talking dirty is the number one way to arouse the partner. It is a super turn on that some people goes wild about. Talking about all the things you want to do to them and all the things you'd like to try makes them crave it more than they did before you started and it gives you both ideas of what you would like to try. It can range from role play all the way up to BDSM.

 It is so much fun to see what the other person likes because that way you know what to do. Let the one dirty talking have control because then it will be interesting and pleasurable. If you even want to tell them what you want done because they will even do that to satisfy your every need.

 Just find something that you like and or love and just experiment from there. You never know what you like if you do not try and if you don't like it then find something else to try. Keep the sex and love making interesting and just go for whatever you want to and if it's not for you then try something else I mean come on there's a lot of things out there to try from soft to hardcore!

It is all fun just find out what you like and what you do not like. If you like it then you'll keep doing it and doing it till you find something else you like. Then you have multiple things to try and then mix it up.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Role-Playing during naughty times

There is nothing wrong with role playing during sex. In fact it just makes it more interesting and entertaining. This excites the relationship and  love making process. It is fun to explore and figure out what you like and do not like and it is fun to just find things that gives you the pleasure. You can mix and match roles. Here is a little list and ideas for you to think about,

Cowboy and Indian

Daddy and (Whoever)

Cops and prisoners

Dirty maid

School girl



Slaves and masters

Animal play... ( Dress up like animals not having sex with them jeez I know what your thinking! You sick perv but you came to the right place!)

Mistress and husband (You pretend to be the mistress and let him take control!)

Most of these are fun but take it any way you want to! Have fun and explore and find out what you guys like and do not like. Just experiment and try new things if you don't think its for you then try something different and if you want to retry to make sure then go for it!

Anal for him; Prostate play

There is nothing wrong with a guy liking anal or prostate play. It's just something he likes that makes him feel good and gives him pleasure. There is so many things that you can do that the guys like. You can basically do anything that they do to you from fingering to playing with toys to pegging them.

If your guy is into that or is willing to try it; it is so much fun but be sure to take it slow if it is there first time! What you need is lot starter toys and plenty of lube. Anal lube works best because it last longer and is really thick. There is also a numbing agent you can get back there so that it numbs the nerves and it doesn't hurt.

Starter toys work best. You can also finger the butt a little to loosen up the sphincter ( Butt muscle before the rectum!) if they are really tight use lots of lube because it will hurt if you do not and please please please go slow because no one needs to see what the inside of a persons butt hole looks like. ( only reason is it can tear and you may need to go to the doctors if it turns inside out unsure because this never happened to us but BE CAREFUL!!!!!.)

This can be fun because who knows the guy may love it and it's enjoyable when they do and they moan because its a turn on.

They make all kinds of prostate toys but be sure your ready to use them. They feel wonderful and when they vibrate you cannot control yourself especially when your getting a blow job or just being played with.

Pegging is fun because you get the sensation of screwing the other person and you can take over. Don't be to rough but sometimes it gets out of hand. You'll end up going to rough and go to fast and not meaning to because you like the motions. There is nothing wrong but be careful because you can turn it inside out and not mean to.

This is really fun an pleasurable especially if your Dom and wanting to play rough or if your even role playing that's fun also.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Lets fix the friction burn and contraceptive

Friction burn hurts like crazy! It happens when you have really rough and long sex or really anything. It can also happen when ever you use a toy that is bigger than what your use to and if you use a tampon that is to big or even excise. If you need something to help it then get Pjur med repair glide lube.  It helps the skin and refreshes the moisture inside of it. If your vagina ring hurts from stretching it fixes it and heals it. If the guy has a burn on his penis it also helps him also. It feels really good and almost like there is nothing there almost natural.

 When it dries there is like no trace at all like most lubes. It is a water based lube so it is safe for all toys. Its also compatible with latex condoms which is kind of rare to find those that is compatible because most of the lubes are not really like that and it causes irritation so be cautious of what lubes you use because they can have reactions to condoms and other things.  This lube lasts a long time and doesn't dry out as quick and if your having regular sex you only need about two drops because that's how thick and thin it is at the same time and it can get messy.
It does not contain spermicide but there is spermicide lubes you can get and I personally used VCF CONTRACEPTIVE GEL AND THEN I USE THE VAGINAL CONTRACEPTIVE STRIPS and then I moved to GYNOL II VAGINAL CONTRACEPTIVE.

Stimulation for him and her!!

Lets talk about stimulation and how to arouse and turn on the partner. There are many ways to do that one way is just by kissing on them and touching them. Another way is by doing things you never did and or surprising them. You can take a piece of ice and rub it on their nipples or even put the ice in your mouth and suck on their nipples. You can also do that to the clit and the penis, the penis head and even the neck. It feels really good. It is kind of cold and warm at the same time and it just feels amazing. There is also nipple nibblers that get you in the mood and it flavors you nipples and it just feels really good it is so hard to explain it.  ( JO nipple titillator by System JO)

There are all kinds of things you can do but the thing is you have to just find out what you like and what you do not like. If you do not experiment then you don't know what you like or what feels good. It is always good to find out these things to get more pleasure from each other and it makes sex and love making less boring and more exciting! So  go on and get on google and find more sex positions because you do not know what your missing and if your pregnant and reading this there is lots of positions for you to try do not be afraid! I have two boys and that has not stopped me from having some fun! Position links are below along with toy links!

https://www.womenshealthmag.com/life/g19991030/pregnancy-sex-positions/ (anyone can do these not just pregnant people!)

Get Your Sexual-Enhancers Here

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Arousing your S.O.

Get something into something sexy! Get into a lingerie, or something your man or women loves to see you in or just go in your birthday suit!

 Get out your toys, straps and whips, ice and other things that turns them on and get ready to rock their world.

Light candles, lay out rose peddles, get them a glass of wine and  let them know that you are ready! Kiss on them, love on them and touch them! Nibble on their ear, lip, neck and any part of their body that turns them on.

Whisper sweet things in their ears and Rub on them. Give them a massage and touch on them. Light some candles and set the mood with some romantic music.

Sit on the bed with a gown on and wait for them to walk in and then take the gown off, if you have nothing on instead just lay down and motion them to you and wrap your legs around them and pull them down and do what is stated above.

Tie them up or let them take control of you and just enjoy each other and just have fun. This is something that pleasures both of you and is meant for you to enjoy and experiment.

There are many ways to please each other in bed!

There are many ways of pleasing a woman. There are multiple different ways to do it. One way is telling her you love her and making sure she knows it. Go the extra ways of showing her in bed by holding her close, kissing on her neck and face and doing whatever it is she loves and or wants. Don't do anything your not comfortable with because it can lead to problems but it doesn't hurt to experiment. Lip biting and sucking helps to let each other know! Be playful and listen to each other and when they say they want to try something go for it! You never know what you like if you don't try it.

Kissing on her neck tells her you are ready and you want to have sex. Try different things that gives her pleasure and you pleasure! If it hurts or you do not like it then try something else but if you want to retry it it  never hurts to. There are many different sites to give you ideas but my favorite is the banana split! It feels great for both of us and it works wonders! Below are some ideas to help her and if you like it and she likes it try oral! Kitty eating helps calm and relaxes them. If you want to do oral try using fingers and or dildos or vibrators in the vagina it works wonders and feels really good! The woman cumming is the greatest way to please her and making her feel wonderful. If she is on top riding wrap your arms around her and hold her and it makes her turn on more. Suck her nipples, play with her, if she is dropping hints trying to tell you shes ready then get to it! It never hurts to ask if you want to. If she is doing a good job moan for her! Let her know this so she can keep doing it because she loves to hear you moan and men rarely ever moan or tell her it was good. Tell her you love her while your doing it also cause it helps! If she can then help her squirt! It feels really good also!

For him there are many ways. If you are up for it try giving him a blow job! Take the head and suck on it only! Try tongue tricks because they love it and I bet he will be asking for more. Rub his balls and play with his nipples if he likes it. Playfully pinch his nipples and play around for a while experiment on things he love and likes and things you love and like! Find something that gives pleasure to both. Play with him, if he's up for it try anal toys for him, finger his butt just find something he enjoys. There is nothing wrong experimenting to find things that he likes! What happens in the bedroom is between you guys not for the whole world so try new things! There are multiple things that you can do. There is a spot on the head of the penis that if it's played with the right way it drives them wild to the point it is impossible for them to control themselves they will moan and moan and beg for more.

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