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If you lose interest

Have you ever done something and you lost interest? Have you ever tried something and it did not work the first time for some odd reason but you knew it would? Exploring your body or letting your partner explore lets you know what you like and what you do not like. It helps them and you know what turns you on and what does not. It's okay if you lose interest it just means you need to find something that interests you. Try something different use and do things you would never use or do. Try wearing outfits, dirty talking, try using toys.  Try different positions just do something that will bring back interest and spice things up in the bedroom. Just enjoy and have fun! The Shop Use discount code 215U for 15% off all purchases! 

The Vagina

Is a sweet and magically place to be. It is so sweet, fun and lovable. It can be lick-able and eatable too depending if you want to go that far. It is tight and firm. They say after you have a baby that it does not go back tight. That is not true. You can do kegels and get ben wa balls and that can help. Ben wa balls can help any different things like helping control your bladder, tightening up your muscles and other things. The vagina only goes 7-12 inches back depending on who you are but don't worry it's normal if she cannot take the whole thing. There is a g-spot that if you rub it it will make her orgasm and squirt. Some girls cannot squirt but others can so it takes time and we will have to go over that on a later date. They say things can get stuck up there but it's really rare and only happens if the vagina gets tight. If that ever happens stay calm! Do not panic! I stuck ben wa balls without the holder up there and guess what the first instinct I did was I

Experiment yourself; Don't push this; Communicate is key!

It never hurts to experiment with yourself or your partner. It helps you figure out what you like and don't like. It also can help figure out what you can take and cannot take. There is so much that you can learn about yourself if you just experiment. I mean hey you could be missing out on the greatest thing that gets you off because you just didn't know. Somethings you experiment with yourself can be done by your partner so they can do it for you. That is even better because he or she will know how to please you and give you pleasure in which some people just do not know that hey somethings you do don't please me it doesn't even remotely feel good at all because you don't want to tell them. If its that way then tell them that it doesn't feel good and most people will be like yeah your right I through this felt good to you that's the reason why I still do it. Communication is the key points during this time. If it hurts tell them; If something that they