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Sunday, May 3, 2020

ADULTS 18+ ONLY Sensational read

Lets start by going on a date and I do nothing but flirt with you. We get home and I start kissing on you from you're neck, ears and scratching through your shirt down your back. You reach under my shirt and undo my bra while I unbutton yours. While you slip your shirt off. I quickly run to the bedroom. You chase me to the bed and I lay there. You get on top and start undressing me from my shirt down to my skirt.

You take my skirt off and there I am laying with nothing but a thong on. You take the thong in your mouth and pull it down by your teeth. You get down on your knees and start licking my clit until I tense up. You quickly take your pants off along with you underwear. You stand up in front of me and I play and massage your balls; Making you harder than you are. I jack your penis so softy before sticking it into my mouth. I go deep with your penis, twirling my tongue around your nice long and hard shaft. I then come up to the head and suck it, nibble it and then even sucking it like a straw. You moan and tense up from all the satisfaction that I have given you.

I stop and get up. I go over to the toy chest and get out a p-spot toy, a few vibrator, an anal plug, body candles, and some lube and put it on the edge of the bed. I tell you to get up on the bed and lay down. I walk over to the left side of the bed and pull out the under bed restraints. I cuff your hand and your feet so that you cannot move. I walk to the right side and do the same.

I get on the edge of the bed where the toys are and pick up the prostate toy and the lube. I open the lube and squeeze some out into my hand. I then take the prostate toy and rub it around in the lube. I spread your cheeks apart and slowly push it in doing the in and out motion while you moan until it is deeply in and touching your p-spot and locked into place.

I take the body candles and light one, letting it slowly burn down enough to drip on your chest and then drip it down my body and look at you as your all . I see your rock hard penis and I start to suck it again making it wet. I get on top of you and start making out with you. I sit on your penis and start to ride with ever thrust going deeper and harder giving me pleasure making me cum a little. I get up and lick myself off of your penis and then lick your balls while you moan.

I untie you and let you get up with the p-spot plug still in. You start kissing on me and tie me down. You start to play with my nipples and start kissing and sucking them making them super hard and sensitive.

You start kissing down my body to my vagina. You spread the lips and start licking and sucking my clit. You slip a finger in and finger me while your eating. I start moaning and cumming a little from the satisfaction. You then pick up a vibrator and slip it in. I moan from all the pleasure. You stop take out the vibrator out and then put it against my clit. I moan and squirm from all the pleasure and tease. You pick up the butt plug. You didn't have to apply lube because that's how wet I am. You then lick my clit and come up my body to my face. You kiss me and then you insert your penis inside and thrust it deep inside of me making me moan your name.

You then untie me make me get on my hands and knees and doggies me. You go deep and hard making me cum each time you do it. You then take my butt plug out and shove your hard cock inside my butt. I moan from all the pleasure you are giving me and cum some more. I moan so loud that it could be heard if there were any neighbors.

You stop and shove it back into my vagina. You then thrust so hard that it causes me to tense up and squirt. You then pull out and cum all over my back.

We then get up and clean up.  

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Restraints and Hand Cuffs (Dirty BDSM)

Cuff me to a chair with my blindfold on as you tease me with multiple toys.

Take the body candles and drip them on my legs. The heat is a major turn on.

Paddle me and flog me. I have been very bad!!!

Then pull the under the mattress restrains out. Stand me up from my chair and spank me over to the bed.

Push me down and start kissing on me.

Tie me down amd have your way with me. Tease me with vibrators making me tense up and try to squirm away as I scream your name so loud you have to pull out the ball gag to hush me up.

Slap me in the face with your dick as you take the pinwheel and go down my cheeks very gently then down my arms around my breast then the belly. Roll it down my sided and down to my inter thighs rolling it right down to my feet and then gently rub it against the bottom of my feet.

Replace my gag with a set of sexy lips that has a hole for your dick to go in while your getting ready and putting flavored lube on your penis and then slide it in the hole as I lick it so clean.

MMMMMM. Paddle my breast until they turn sore. Pinch them and tease them like you always do.

Attach my nipple clamps to my nipples and take the weighted bubble butt plug and stick it in.

MMM please play with me. Make me cum so good that I can't wait to do it all again.

Pleasure me please while you eat the kitty with a finger rubbing my spot until I com and fall asleep from exhaustion of the pleasure you have given me.

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