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Friday, November 1, 2019

Control orgasms with this Chastity belt

 The chastity belt does not hurt. It holds the vibrator inside of the vagina right on the g-spot making you squirm. The ball is a clit gag. It basically rubs over your clit to give you some intense amount of pleasure to make you want to explode. 

This set is adjustable but the maximum it fits is 37" waist but I am sure that you can find a bigger harness if you really want to try it in which I had to being a BBW.

The beads sit between your lips or it could even fit around your lips to give you an even better pleasure as it rubs around  your sweet lips making you juicy and wet. 

This harness is worth it. It comes with the vibrator harness, the bead harness and the clit gag all for pleasuring. The only thing you are gonna get from it is pleasure no pain once so ever. This type of BDSM is all about your pleasure.

 Imagine wearing this while giving head both of you getting the pleasure and satisfaction that you are wanting and needing all while you are on the edge about to cum while using the vibrator satchel that has a vibrator that has a clit attachment vibrating your g-spot and clit all while you are wanting to explode from the pleasure and it just keeps coming and coming feeling amazing until you hit your limits and cum and or squirt being the naughty thing you are. 

 If I were you and you are looking to take things to the next level I would try this and see how you like it. You wouldn't know if you like it until you try it and see if it is for you. I personally enjoyed it. It pairs nicely with any vibrator that I want to use and it just has its way with me. My partner enjoyed watching me edgy myself to cuming. All he wanted to do was take me and watch me cum. 

At first I was hesitate on using it since from the picture it looking like metal or something sharp and not beads but then I thought about it and I decided I wanted to try it so I got it and I decided that it is worth to try if it was going to increase my pleasure and BDSM experience and it did. I love it, the beads are so soft rubbing against the inside of my lips and around my clit. 

The vibrator satchel was comfortable and the vibrator with the clit vibe attached gave me so much more pleasure that I was happy that no one had to hold it since it was held really good and I did not have to worry about it moving or being jerked around from all the pleasure I was receiving.

I personally say just for that it is a good investment if you are wanting something to masturbate with and your arm gets tired of holding the vibrator or you get tired of having to adjust it to your clit and tired of moving and you just give up cause you got frustrated with masturbating. Trust me I have been there more than once and it sucks trying to be sure you have it in the right spot. 


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Restraints and Hand Cuffs (Dirty BDSM)

Cuff me to a chair with my blindfold on as you tease me with multiple toys.

Take the body candles and drip them on my legs. The heat is a major turn on.

Paddle me and flog me. I have been very bad!!!

Then pull the under the mattress restrains out. Stand me up from my chair and spank me over to the bed.

Push me down and start kissing on me.

Tie me down amd have your way with me. Tease me with vibrators making me tense up and try to squirm away as I scream your name so loud you have to pull out the ball gag to hush me up.

Slap me in the face with your dick as you take the pinwheel and go down my cheeks very gently then down my arms around my breast then the belly. Roll it down my sided and down to my inter thighs rolling it right down to my feet and then gently rub it against the bottom of my feet.

Replace my gag with a set of sexy lips that has a hole for your dick to go in while your getting ready and putting flavored lube on your penis and then slide it in the hole as I lick it so clean.

MMMMMM. Paddle my breast until they turn sore. Pinch them and tease them like you always do.

Attach my nipple clamps to my nipples and take the weighted bubble butt plug and stick it in.

MMM please play with me. Make me cum so good that I can't wait to do it all again.

Pleasure me please while you eat the kitty with a finger rubbing my spot until I com and fall asleep from exhaustion of the pleasure you have given me.

Get your cuffs here (Use discount code 215U )

Get your gag here (use discount code 215U )

Get yout bdsm stuff here ( use discount code 215U )

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