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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

3 Piece realistic set!!!

Sex Talk 3PC Realistic Flesh Dildo Vibrator And Anal Waterproof Flexible Huge Penis With And Strong Suction Cup Sex Product Toy For WomenThis set up is a wonderful one. You have your suction cup, your anal you and your vibrator. The vibrator has little things sticking out the side of the top that gives your sensations and it is really worth it. There is 3 speeds and it is really tiny for you to carry around but really powerful at the same time. You will get all kinds of good uses out of it and the rest of the toys. If you do not like one of them then its fine you do not have to use it just use the ones your comfortable with and enjoy. Find things that you love and would like to try.

(Get yours here! )

Watch the video about it pt1

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

The dolphin

The dolphin is a wonderful toy. It is really slick and smooth. It is a pretty blue glittery color and it's just amazing. It has about three speeds slow medium and fast. The slow you can barely feel but the rest feels wonderful. It takes two AA batteries and it is waterproof so go play in the shower. It is 6 inches and it is just amazing.

Adam and eve had replaced mine when I got my first one. It would turn on but would not run correctly and turn right back off. I highly recommend this toy because it's so pleasurable and realistic.

The sleeve does not come off like some toys but that's okay though its still fun.


Click here to watch the dolphin toy review!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

NU Sensuelle Remote Control Wireless Bullet

This bullet is one of my favorites not only because it's a
vibrator and
it's wireless but because it has 10 different vibrations that you loose control for. You control it with the remote from about 65 feet or so. There are more colors but the place I got mine from only had the pink one. The link of where to get them is at the end of the page.

You can take it on a date, walking on the beach, or even at the movies. It hits the right spots and it just is amazing. You can take control or your partner can take control it doesn't even matter.

It comes with the base and the power cord but no plug in piece. It can hold a charge for a while but it can be tricky when trying to charge it. You have to make sure the prongs click to the base or else it won't get a good charge and it will turn green if it isn't charging.

The retrieving hook like thing has to go out the back so that it can sit right down and click on to the base. Red means not charged and charging on the base green means charged.

The way the bullet lets you know that it's dying is the vibrations will get less and less and then it will cut itself off. So it's best to charge it just about after every use if you want to to be sure that it's charged. It lasts 30 minutes to an hour!

It is like a silky smooth feeling that feels great in your hands and on the inside so it doesn't hurt at all just use some lube to stick it in with and you should be good to go.

This toy is extremely fun and I used it more than 5 times. I have taken it to places with me and even went to a sex shop to by more toys. I really feel in love with mine and I hope you will fall in love with it too!

Get your NÜ here!!

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