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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Shower sex or in the bathroom.

Shower sex can be hard, you and your partner could be different heights, you can slip and fall and have all kinds of troubles. There's a hand bar, and step you can get for the shower to help you if you ever wanted to try.

Personally to me, I do not like shower sex for the reason it causes my vagina to be kind of dry and my husband is taller than me and I'm only 4'11 so his penis touches to my back and when I bend over he hits the top of my butt crack and my cheek bone so we end up having to have me bend over and stand on my tippie toes and half way bent so we can do it.

In the bathtub it is a major issue unless we go doggie. If he lays down then I cannot fit my legs beside him but if I want to do it bad enough then we will but I tend to lay him on the bathroom floor and ride him like there is no tomorrow.

We enjoy using waterproof toys for when we  are horny in the bathroom just because it kind of is trouble for us in the tub and sometimes we just want to have some spontaneous fun and tease until we get back to the room and just go at it.

If you do have a walk in shower it may be easier but if you have a tub shower then good luck to you and if it works for you then have fun.

You may end up needing some lube the water feeling in the vagina may dry you out but I'm sure if you use waterbased lube or petroleum jelly, or even waterproof lube you will be fine since it really does not come off.

Monday, June 25, 2018

After Sex

It is best to take a shower after sex so that you can wash off the lubes and cum and anything else you have used.

If you don't it could start smelling fishy and things could happen. Sometimes you can end up having bacteria growing in which it can give off the fishy smell.

Sometimes you will even get sweaty if you go long periods of time.

 There is also other things that can happen also. You can track the sperm everywhere that you do not want it. Lubes can get everywhere and sometimes it can stain things.

It's just best if you shower and wash your toys to prevent anything that's harmful. It's just a good idea to do this.

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