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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Vasectomy Review

For those of you that do not know what a vasectomy is; it is a type of birth control for men who no longer wants kids or do not want kids in the future. It where the doctor cuts the tubes that your sperm is in and it clamps them off.

The procedure is only about 15 minutes and the best part is you are numbed the whole time it is happening. The only thing you will feel is pressure when the doctor is working down there. They cut the bag open like less than 6cm in the middle so they can reach both sides. Then they snip both tubes, cauterize and clamp both sides and stitch up the entrance and your done. (BE SURE TO GET BOXER BRIEFS OR TIGHTY WHITES OR TIGHT UNDERWEAR OR YOUR GONNA BE HURTING CAUSE YOUR BALLS ARE GONNA BE DANGLING AND PULLING THE STITCHES AND SHIFTING!)

My husband said it did not hurt and it only was pressure and the initial needle poking and numbing the balls. It did bruise bad but did not hurt really. He even drove home after the procedure. The doctor did warn that it is suppose to bruise and for the first few days to a week or two he could not pick up nothing heavy, he cannot stand on his feet to long and he needed to ice it and air out the stitches and after a day or two to wash it.

After the first day, it did not hurt as bad but it kind of pulled but that was okay. He said days after it got better. He had to jack off about 25 times to get his cum tested for sperm or wait about 8 week and we went with the 25 times cause it did not take long for him to do it since we where both ready to be intimate, teasing and using protection and masturbating.

When he took his cum to his doctor they took it and tested it an 10 minutes later they got back to us and told us we was all clear!

 SO NO MORE SEX WITH PROTECTION! (Vasectomy is 99.9% effective but as long as you go to the doc for the check up and the first testing of sperm done your good. Some people are not as lucky as others which it happens.)

(Image credit goes to
Author: K. D. Schroeder
Vasectomy diagram-en.svg from Wikimedia Commons
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0)

Friday, January 11, 2019

Waterproof Toys (SAFETY FIRST!)

We all know when we get in the mood we enjoy doing it anywhere. When I say anywhere I mean just about anywhere. This keeps the relationship spontaneous and it is just a surprise. Some people enjoy doing it in the water from the shower to the tub to the pool or just about anywhere. I have only seen a couple of non-waterproof toys which is not bad but it can be if they get wet on certain points.

This is why we always tend to buy waterproof and silicone
toys so that you do not get hurt from like burns and electrocuted even through some toys are not that powerful they can still shock you and if its plugged in WHICH I HAVE NO IDEA  WHY YOU WOULD PLAY WITH SOMETHING PLUGGED IN IN WATER ANYWAYS but as I said when your in the mood anything goes but be cautious of your surroundings if your toy is not waterproof. We want you alive and not in the hospital or possible dead.

The way to check if your toy is waterproof one IT DOES NOT PLUG IN SO YOU CAN USE IT. This does not mean you plug it in to charge it then take it off the charger when its done. This mean you have to plug it in to use it which is a big no no because you can get shocked and electrocuted and then you can drop it and it can get worst than that. It can end up being like putting a toaster or a radio in the water and as I stated before we need you a live and not dead!

Waterproof toys tend to have waterproof on the packaging somewhere which is great and if you are not sure if its waterproof or not please google but most toys you can tell because where you stick the batteries it has a plastic rubber ring to keep water out and there is a seal so water cannot get in there and mess it up.
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(Youtube Video)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Get Comfortable

Don't ever force yourself to do something your not comfortable with. Take it slow and don't rush. Start small before moving to big toys because it could hurt worst due to stretching and be sure to use lots of lube. Lube is great for when your having trouble getting wet it lets things slide in without hurting or causing problems.

Don't rush into toys or anything until you are comfortable because it can turn you against whatever your doing and if your like me you'll probably never want to try it again.

There is nothing wrong with taking it slow and using small toys. They make beginner toys for you to get use to them and it helps when you haven't had sex in awhile. It loosens you up to the point everything can slide in with an ease and if you keep working with it then you will be loose for a while but if you don't then you will tighten up and you will have to restart which it's okay for that to happen.

Once you get comfortable and use to this then you will have no problems. You will be able to use just about anything you want but use lube and be sure things are only used in where they are suppose to like don't use toys without bases or some kind of retrieving in the butt because your butt can suck it up and you will have to go to the hospital to get it out.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Condoms w/ Safe Sex

There is nothing wrong with using condoms. It is actually safe to use but then some condoms you cannot feel anything, you get friction burns and it could rip if there is to much pressure and if its to tight.That sucks.

There are different pleasurable ones and then there are just the normal ones. There are kinds with ridges and bumps for here then there is other kinds. If your allergic to a certain ingredient then there are ones for you.

There are ones with lube some has spermicide others do not and ones without lube all together. There are lubes out there that is compatible with them if it gets to become dry and uncomfortable. So don't worry. Just about any water based is compatible but make sure before you just put anything cause it can cause irritations and problems.

There are some that can go into the butt also and sometimes they can't go anywhere else.

The best way to take off a condom after it's been used is to aim your penis down so all the cum drains down. Pinch and slowly pull the tip of the condom out a little more than it is. Slowly roll the condom down and then slowly slide it off the penis.

Tie it in a not and throw it away. In additional clean the penis really good so that there is no left over cum and so that you cannot  get your partner pregnant. Below are some links to different kinds of condoms along with a mass link.

Him and her condoms

Lets Practice Safe Sex

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sex positions for pregnant people and non pregnant people

There are a million positions but then there are a couple that you can do when you are pregnant.

Trust me when I was pregnant I was so upset that I could not find any positions but then I realized that most of them are safe and that the penis cannot hit the babies head.

The baby is protected. Most of the bending ones you cannot do because it is not safe and it can cause serve pain to you. There is one called Banana Split and I love it! It feels really good.

The image is over there but the links will be below. There is also one that is called side ways the woman is turned one way and the man is turned another.

These are extremely fun and the sideways is for when your in the mood and don't feel like getting on top or when your hurting to bad.

Sextoys also will not hurt the baby. Vibrators are great for whenever you are closer to labor.  Also masturbation helps with labor too.

You can do reverse cowgirl which is having sex with your back facing your partner.

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