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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Love demon G-spot rabbit vibrator

Ever wanted to make love to something spicy? Well this Love Demon is it! It is a very very intense vibrator that has dual motors and a place to slide your clit into or against it and feel the powerful love of the demon on it. There are 10 powerful vibrations to make your kitty thank you. It is also rechargeable and waterproof with a flexible head! So have fun in anywhere you want and feel the turn on.

With the intense pleasure it can make you cum and squirt really easy with the powerful motors vibrating really quickly against your g-spot and pleasuring your clit. 
This toy is really smooth! You will hardly need any lube to use it as long as you are super wet. The vibrations and the motions will have you tense up with pleasure wanting to explode and release when all you want to do is keep going. 

The clit vibrator if your clit is lower and smaller than average will have to be moved around and the thing will feel like it's poking your clit and kind of hurts but once you find the right spot it works amazing!

I had to prop it using my masturbating pillow and angle it for it to hit my g-spot and clit at the same time and boy oh boy let me tell you it was worth it! It was the best orgasm I had in a while! It was so powerful that when I cummed I had to relax to slide it out because my vagina clasped on it not wanting to let go.
This thing is a powerful love demon and I love it! It made me want to cum more and more and more giving me an amazing amount of pleasure. The ridges on the toy made it also enjoyable along with the flexible head! It reaches in the right spot and gives the right amount of vibes if not more.
This besides the love triangle is hand downs one of my favorites!

Friday, March 19, 2021

Sex Inflatable Masturbator Pillows

Love Roll Pillow 
 Sometimes, while masturbating we need help propping our toys. We are just so in the mood we have to find ways to make it work. Have you ever tried to stick them to places and they just fall off? I have! It got very frustrating when I was super horny riding the toys and they just fell off and unstuck from the surfaces that they were suppose to stick to.

 These position pillows will help you have an orgasm and receive the pleasure you are needing without having to hold on to your toys. These pillows are inflatable so you can blow them up easily or let the air out of them to storage them if necessary and or travel with them. It is best to blow up with a pump! You will be give out and tired of huffing and puffing.

Both pillows have vibrator and and or dildo slots for more stimulation and both are moisture resistant so you do not have to worry. Both are waterproof! So have fun in the shower if you want to! These pillows are perfect and can basically be used anywhere at anytime. 

If you super cum on it then just take some soap and water to wipe it down and off.



Sunday, May 24, 2020

Tongue Rings and Pleasure

Having a tongue ring is not that bad. Yeah after the first day it may hurt but after that you are good to go. It can take up to a couple of weeks for you to give oral sex in which it is worth it.

Please wait til you are healed it is not worth the infections and risk of bacteria you can get from it.

There are many different kind of rings that you can get that can give you pleasure. Some are vibrations, and different texture balls and there are just different kinds that feels good.

I personally enjoy my tongue ring it give me so much pleasure and it also gives my husband pleasure when kissing and I bet it would also give him more pleasure with oral also. He also got his pierced and I truly enjoy it when he goes down and licks me. It feels so good!

Taking ice or drinking something cold can make your tongue ring cold give an even greater sensation.

Sterilize your tongue rings and mouth with Listerine. Also you could boil your rings for a few minutes.(How to care when you first get it)

Saturday, December 28, 2019

A Thrust of Nothing!

When I first order this toy, it was not want I wanted but I kind of got excited because it is something that looked like what I wanted. When I received it;

 It was kind of heavy and I was over all excited so I quickly got batteries for it and put them in to see how it moved and see how powerful it is. IT IS NOT POWERFUL AT ALL! Your hands can stop it and it is weak.

At first I though it was great that I would do what I need it to do but then when I tried it out I hated it! It does not do what I need or wanted it to do. It does not thrust on the inside and you cannot feel it the only thing you feel is the toy itself and maybe a few rotates but other than that you don't feel anything!

It even stops if you are to tight and cumming on it. I really hate this toy and it will be in the bottom of my toy box!



Wednesday, October 2, 2019

ePlay Rabbit

This vibrator has 7 different modes that gives you pleasure. It does not shock unless you hold down the shock button and it's not that powerful. It feels nothing like the shocking gum that you pull for jokes or the lowest level of an electric fence.

This toy is so soft and I love the way the ridges goes against the gspot and vagina making it feel amazing.

There are two motors that gives wonderful pleasure to the gspot  and the clit. There are two prongs that have to be touching your vagina to shock.

The shocks tingle around your vagina and it feels wonderful. The design of the toy goes great and sends amazing vibrations and shocks.

Be sure to test the toy by licking your fingers and holding it to make sure it does not hurt you since everyone is different.

(Get Yours Here!)
When we think of eplay, you think of pain and hurting from being electrocuted. This Rabbit does not hurt at all. It gives off just enough shock to give you pleasure. 


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