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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Amazing night butterfly tease

Enjoy the night with this amazing toy! It is perfect for wearing wherever you want to with no issues. You do not have to worry about it sliding out or falling out. The only issue I found with it is since my clit is lower than the actual butterfly it does not sit against it well but other than that it  is perfect I just have to adjust it and keep moving the lips out of the way every time I want to use it but it's okay. 

The tail vibrates the G-spot without a problem and it gave the most amazing vibrations ever. The 12 vibrations are really strong and enjoyable.

 You can hold the button on the butterfly to cut it on and when it blinks red you can basically use the button to cycle through the vibrations. It also seems to hold and remember the vibrations from where it left off. I personally like the fastest vibration it has and that would be the second one. The dual motors just gives pleasurable speeds and patterns making it easier for the orgasm to hit climax. 

The remote uses an triple A battery so I just used the tot power button to cycle through the modes. While the toy is usb rechargeable.
This toy is perfect for date nights. Let your partner control it as your walking around. This is the perfect teaser.

The tail is small enough for your partner to squeeze his nice hard cock in and the vibrations are so powerful and perfect that it  helps him orgasm also all while it vibrates against this shaft and head. This toy is perfect and I personally love it. 

The vibration made me cream so much that it just covered the tail. It gave me the best orgasm that I haven't had in a while. My partner enjoyed watching me squirm from his control. It fit nicely in my panties and make me loose control in public. It made me tense up so much that I almost forgot where I was. The g spot was getting a nice vibration and the pleasure that I was wanting.