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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Butterfly G Dual action butterfly vibrator Perfect for beginners

The dual action butterfly is a mini that has two motors that gives you 7 amazing vibration patterns. It is USB rechargeable and waterproof so that you can enjoy it basically anywhere you please. It is a powerful vibrator and gives you the orgasm that you have been looking for and wanting. It is made to please and give pleasure. The head is curved just enough and just right to give kisses to your g-spot all while buzzing your clit giving you a desired orgasm and making you squirm from the intense vibrations. 

The noise level is not to loud so it cannot be heard through a close door. It is a soft silicone and the tip of the head is curved so it can vibrate against the g-spot the way that you are needing it. 

It is a smaller toy than I expected but it is great for when I am on the go and want a little something, something to help get me off. The white thing on the bottom is where the charger goes and on the edge is a button that if you hold it it will light up blue and allow you to cycle through to find the best speed and vibration for you. 

The vibrations hit really hard with the curved head going up against my g-spot giving it the pure love and satisfaction I am needing with the right speed just giving me the orgasm I am desiring with every flick the curved head is giving while the butterfly kisses along my clit giving it the sensations that the curved head is giving making it so pleasurable that it is hard to edge and cum since you want it to keep going on and on. 

This toy is worth it because not only does the curved tip give you the most sensational vibration but the butterfly clit pleasure does also and it has dual motors so that both spots are getting pleased at once and it is just an enjoyable thing to have.  


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