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Friday, October 4, 2019

The Tail of A Horse

The Tail is so smooth and the hairs are so soft and silky. It fits just right in my anal cavity and has grooves to provide more stimulation and turn you on more. I can prance around with it. I braid it up just like the actual hair of a horse.

Great for role-playing and my husband even enjoys it also.

It fits so nicely that you do not have to worry about it sliding out and it feels great just rubbing the right spots.

It is great for pony play and it is made of silicone so it cleans up well. If your getting this please use water based lube so it does not get eaten away.

It is 5" so you can sit on it and it doesn't hurt. The hair is so silky and soft. I love running my fingers in it just because of the feeling.

The plug is a medium so it doesn't hurt as bad. This could be uses as beginners but you will have to work your way up to it.

The anal plug is so smooth and soft that it just slips in and sits there.

(Get yours here)

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Mmm Pleasurable G-spot Accord (P Play, Anal toy)

It is huge so  huge that we had a hard time getting it inside of the picture!

It made me cum so much that you can see it in the ridges if it was not cleaned.

It feels so good going in and out that you just loose control from the motions.

The toy is so big that I could not fit it unless I worked it and used lots of lube.

 By the time I got to the last ridge I cumed all over it. That is how awesome this toy is. It is so soft and smooth that it just does its job great.

This toy is not for beginners at all. The pressure from the toy is so enjoyable that you just have to do kegels on it due to cumming so much. When we removed it, it was covered in so much white goodness that it just dripped off on to the sheets and I knew this toy was the one that would do it's job. 

My husband is having so much fun but it tortures him due to he's watching me use it and he gets so turned on that he can not control himself he just gets extremely hard and wants to replace the toy.

This toy is waterproof and can be used anywhere and it is perfect for a g-spot toy but it may pinch it due to being super tight.

It also has a handle so you can use it anal and solo if you want to which is awesome because you can use this for more than just a g-spot toy.

My husband has tried it on his prostate and then we are gonna boil it and bleach it since it is safe to do.

My husband says that it feels good when  you get the first ring in but it is to big to go in all the way. You must stretch yourself for this monster before you try anal due to how big it is! If you are not careful and using lube then it can and will pinch you using the outside rings due to how big the toy is and how tight you are. Do not worry you will go back to your normal size after this is all done and over with just like  child birth.

G-spot Accord here


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Weighted Bubbles Of Fun (Metal Butt Plug)

Let me start off by saying this I love this plug. The metal stays cool  and room temperature for a while and it's extremely pleasurable. If you would like it to get warm, run it under warm water or just hold it in your hand for a while and it will be whatever temperature you find pleasurable.

The different size bubbles are a major turn on and they are not that far apart so it is easy to get inside. This is so you do not have much trouble to push in but you will need a little lube so its not hurting.
The weight of the plug is just right not to heavy nor not to light but it is just right. It has the right weight to give you all the pleasure that you are looking for. You do not have to stretch much except it you go all the way to the end. The bar can also go inside til you get to the locking bar which is what I call the bar that is sideways.

All 5 bubbles fit nicely along with the bar at the end so it does not get lodged in the anal cavity. It has a great hold and it is just worth it. I enjoy the different size balls because it is just a major turn on and each one causes a greater pleasure feeling when they are entering.

When its all the way in it does not hurt like most it has a smooth feeling when it is and there is no point like most plugs. The weighted bubble is now my go to plug not only because it is a smooth anal plug but because it gives me so much pleasure and so much fun along with weighted to the right weight.

My husband loves it so much that he says it is pleasurable and enjoyable that he will be using it also. He also says that it has enough weight to it and it just slides in and  goes right up against his p-spot and just loved the way it felt as I was riding him. It did slip out due to how much lube he used and it was not locked all the way but we will be using it again!

When I received it I could not wait to get into it. I open the discreet box moved the packing paper and there it sat in a zip lock bag. I quickly open the zip lock bag pulled out it in its own little baggie and unwrapped it from its packing paper that keeps it safe.

When I learned it was in the mailbox I quickly ran to get it. The first thing I did was washed it and got it ready for usage. I am glad I chose this you! It is so worth it.


Friday, April 19, 2019

Hard Candy Butt Plug

This butt plug is fun. It is a great butt plug for beginners because there is not much to take. It does not hurt as bad as larger beginner plugs and it feels wonderful. You do not have to use as much lube but just enough for it to slide in. This toy is not like most and it does not fall or slide out. It just sits in there comfortably and you walk around. It is a smooth and flexible to the point it does not move.

I enjoyed this as my beginner toy and it has helped me start over many different times and I love it. I suggest the beginners try this and then try other beginner toys and figure out which is best for them because not all beginner toys work for beginners.

Get The Beginner Anal Plug Here

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