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Waterproof Toys (SAFETY FIRST!)

We all know when we get in the mood we enjoy doing it anywhere. When I say anywhere I mean just about anywhere. This keeps the relationship spontaneous and it is just a surprise. Some people enjoy doing it in the water from the shower to the tub to the pool or just about anywhere. I have only seen a couple of non-waterproof toys which is not bad but it can be if they get wet on certain points.

This is why we always tend to buy waterproof and silicone
toys so that you do not get hurt from like burns and electrocuted even through some toys are not that powerful they can still shock you and if its plugged in WHICH I HAVE NO IDEA  WHY YOU WOULD PLAY WITH SOMETHING PLUGGED IN IN WATER ANYWAYS but as I said when your in the mood anything goes but be cautious of your surroundings if your toy is not waterproof. We want you alive and not in the hospital or possible dead.

The way to check if your toy is waterproof one IT DOES NOT PLUG IN SO YOU CAN USE IT. This does not mean you plug it in to charge it then take it off the charger when its done. This mean you have to plug it in to use it which is a big no no because you can get shocked and electrocuted and then you can drop it and it can get worst than that. It can end up being like putting a toaster or a radio in the water and as I stated before we need you a live and not dead!

Waterproof toys tend to have waterproof on the packaging somewhere which is great and if you are not sure if its waterproof or not please google but most toys you can tell because where you stick the batteries it has a plastic rubber ring to keep water out and there is a seal so water cannot get in there and mess it up.
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