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Sunday, April 9, 2023

Pleasurable Buddy

Are you looking for something that has 10 different vibration speeds and patterns that basically will help you get off while not being rough or going super fast? 

Are you looking to get something that is pleasurable and that will allow you to take your time to get a climax? 

This Pleasure buddy is it. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries so it doesn't make as much noise as others does and it basically is just an air pulser and sucker at the same time. 

This thing does the trick all while leaving your toes curled. It isn't that fast nor is it that powerful but it works great for what it does.

 It isn't even all that big so basically your hands will not get tired holding it against your clit. If you are like me and need clit play while trying to get off, I highly recommend this because it fits nicely between the legs and you can still get dicked down without it hurting or getting in the way. This toy is perfect for those who basically aren't looking for something to powerful and something that makes a lot of noise like the other toys does.  You can even tease him by sticking it to his penis head and allowing it to blow him. 

I love this toy especially when my husband and I are missionary and he lifts my leg and just sticks this toy on my clit making me beg him to let me cum and orgasm. He also likes to stick to to my clit when we are doggy styling, forcing his cock deeply inside of me, while this toy sucks on my clit making me squirm and want to cum.

It is really pleasurable honestly and I love it. 

I personally enjoy this toy.

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