Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Banana split position for pregnant and non pregnant

There are a million positions but then there are a couple that you can do when you are pregnant.

Trust me when I was pregnant I was so upset that I could not find any positions but then I realized that most of them are safe and that the penis cannot hit the babies head.

The baby is protected. Most of the bending ones you cannot do because it is not safe and it can cause serve pain to you. There is one called Banana Split and I love it! It feels really good.

The image is over there but the links will be below. There is also one that is called side ways the woman is turned one way and the man is turned another.

These are extremely fun and the sideways is for when your in the mood and don't feel like getting on top or when your hurting to bad.

Sextoys also will not hurt the baby. Vibrators are great for whenever you are closer to labor.  Also masturbation helps with labor too.

You can do reverse cowgirl which is having sex with your back facing your partner.

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