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Needing pleasurable things?

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Daddy Phase (Dirty Talking!!!!)

There is nothing wrong with the daddy phase. It is just part of role playing. It makes the man feel good and it just means that he can basically do anything even hard core stuff and she will like it. Using the word daddy is just a turn on. People tend to look funny when adults calls a guy daddy but it's just a sexual way of saying hey look I'm ready for whats in your pants and I want part of you! MMMMMMM DADDY IS A HUGE TURN ON!!!! MMMMMMM DADDY LOVE TO PLAY!!!!! MMMMMM COME ON DADDY AND TAKE ME!!!!!! MMMMM DADDY LICK ME UNTIL I MELT!!!!!! Fuck me till I scream!!!! MMMMMMM harder harder harder!!!! TIE ME UP AND TAKE ME!!!!!!


There are so many fetishes that most people love. Lots of people love the feet and they enjoy sucking on your toes and just holding them and rubbing them. Although it is kind of weird you could find it enjoyable at the same time as long as you don't find it gross and your not as ticklish as me. Tying your partner down is fun as you take a warm bondage candle and drip it down their body and just having some fun. As long as you don't forget to untie them when your done because that is not fun and anything can happen to them. I really enjoy this. Playing with food is also a fetish but it can be messy but it is also fun. Be careful of where the food goes because if you stick it on the inside of the vagina then it can become an infection and that's something we do not need. Whipping is interesting and so is using a tickler. There is nothing wrong with this its actually a turn on as long as the person whipping is not hitting you hard. I actually enjoy this one and tying dow