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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sensations for the both

The head and the Clitoris is the most sensitive on the human body along with the feelings but were are not talking about that. You can do a lot to both and I bet you they will give you the same kind of pleasure. Do whatever you need to stimulate each other and to turn them on.

 Vibrator toys works wonders along with lube and just sucking the penis head and clit. You can play with ice and there are all kinds of toys and things you can get to play with and they feel wonderful!

 It makes them squirm and keep coming back for more until they come because they can no longer take it and then it's play time.

Below are some links of things you can get to help give pleasure and stimulation! Remember to try anything you want to and just experiment and have fun with it!.

Control orgasms with this Chastity belt

 The chastity belt does not hurt. It holds the vibrator inside of the vagina right on the g-spot making you squirm. The ball is a clit gag. ...