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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Perimenopause and Menopause

 Menopause can happen at just about any age. It is normally common with women 40 and up but it can happen to anyone in their 20s' also. 

For those that do not know; Perimenopause is the time your body gets you ready for menopause which mean it is the end of your reproductive years and its getting your ready for menopause.  Menopause is where your reproductive hormones are extremely low and you really do not get periods but you can still shed your uterus and still have some bleeding and or spotting for a few minutes to a day it is not uncommon. 

The signs of menopause are mood swings, hot flashes, sleeplessness, weight gain by an excessive  amount, missing or irregular periods, vaginal dryness, skin dryness, low sex drive, night sweats, bloating, along with basically any signs that you get of a period you have them.

The signs of perimenopause are kind of like menopause but it is kind of different since sometimes the  premenstrual syndrome is worst and it can 

I have been to two different primary doctors and my OBGYN just for them to tell me that missing periods 3 months in a row is normal but now I have missed 8+ months with multiple pregnancy test negative and my husband has had a vasectomy so it appears that I have hit menopause. I also took a menopause test and it came back positive.  

It does kind of hurt and you become bloated just like with your period but sometimes it never goes away. The meds that they have for it sometimes helps but sometimes does not help. There is no way to cope when the meds does not help except trying to rest. I on the other hand has found that CBD does help me with basically any pain that I was having and everything I was going through. It keeps me calm, relaxed and works as an noninflammatory and helps my body cope and not hurt. I am not saying just go out and take CBD, I would defiantly check in with your doctor before trying it.

Monday, March 15, 2021


 Did you know that CBD and THC are both legal to purchase in the United states as long as you are 21 and up? The legal amount that you can purchase of THC is 0.3mg. 

CBD and THC both come for the marijuana plant and they are chemical compounds. The difference is that CBD does not contain THC and THC is basically what is in the marijuana to give you the high effects and causes the neurons to release dopamine chemicals.


Sunday, January 26, 2020

Urethral sound

The urethral sound creates vibrations through the urethral track that are pleasurable but sometimes can hurt if done forcefully or incorrectly. I suggest you use thick lube so it can just slide down the track gently and easy.

The sound is very small for beginners and comes in various sizes. There is also ones that tingle your urethral track by using electrical pulses from the e-stim. controller.  What I would suggest is starting slow and trying the smallest one till you get comfortable and use to it so you do not scare yourself or harm yourself.

This urethral sound is a penis plug with a ball so that you cannot get the rod stuck and it is easy to push in so that you can get the sensations that you desire.

To some people using urethral sounds is a big HELL NO! But to others they will always tell you it never hurts to try something to see if you like it.

Urethral sound penis plug HERE

E-Stim ( Tingle urethral sound!)

Friday, January 24, 2020

Electro stimulation

Electro stimulation is fun but can be kind of scary. It seems a good amount of electric through the toy and just stimulates whatever it touches no matter if it is your anal, g-spot or anywhere around your body.

It does not hurt but it can if your not use to it or you're just wanting the high voltage. There are many toys that will let you control the settings and then there are just some that will not.

There are remote controls that allows you to control most of the toys but then there are some of them that comes with buttons.

The shock is not painful if the toy comes with a button. I say this because it will only tingle the voltage from the battery is not powerful.

If you're using the ones with the remote PLEASE be careful. I say this because it can hurt and zap and can cause pain if your not ready or careful and please please please be sure that the controller is off or on the lowest setting to start off with before you try it.

We own a few that we were just testing the waters and let me tell you there is one or two that hurt! The cock ring kind of hurt when it got to the middle setting and the breast ones kind of zapped a little to much but the vibrator has done its job and is worth it since it only tingles.

PLEASE TEST THESE PRODUCTS BEFORE USING THEM. What I mean is test them on your wrist or inner thigh to see if it will hurt or its okay for you. Not only this it also helps you make sure the toy is not malfunctioned or anything.



Sunday, March 24, 2019

CONSTIPATION! (After C-section, Chronic constipation)

Constipation hurts! It is the worst pain ever except child birth, breaking a bone or even pain after surgery. C-sections which I had 3 off can mess you up and you will have constipation. They try to give you stool softeners but they barely work, believe me I know I am dealing with it now. They tell you to drink juice, water, warm prune juice and to eat green leafy veggies but that didn't really help either.

You can basically take stool softeners and it still doesn't work it causes pain. You can take laxatives and it causes more pain. This is when it gets serious and it become chronic like now with me. You can push and push and push but it become a hemorrhoid on the eternal or external and it happens due to your poop is so big because you couldn't push it out with the C-section and now it's a ball and you've tried everything to get it out.

 This has happened with my last one and now it's happening with this one. After an hour of pushing and trying to get it to come out and walking around breaking pieces off of it well trying to I remember what we done with my first one.  We used Tushy numbing anal gel and lots of lube so that I wouldn't feel it when it comes out. This time it was to late and it hurt severely We then tried to use the bulb that lets you shoot water up there and it didn't work neither did using a beginner anal toy.

After hours of pushing and sitting there. I finally got some out but then it was to much and the hemorrhoid started bleeding and it burned and hurt. So the next day we decided to get suppositories and that seemed to help when nothing else did.

Beginner anal toys does help with constipation along with tushy numbing agent and lots of lube and suppositories.

~All Things Anal (Get Them Here)

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