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Smok Morph 219 kit

 Smok Morph 219 kit is the prefect vape! It allows you to lock your fire button and lock your device so that no one but you can use it or those who knows the password. You will also have to update the firmware in it too.  You cut it on by pressing the firing button 5 times within 2 seconds. The firing button is located under the tiny button you can miss it if your not careful but if you are unsure its the came color as the vape on the left side.  The tiny button is how you lock it the vape and if you hold it, it locks and if you hold it again it unlocks. You can lock the firing button with the firing button by pressing it three times. You can also turn it off by pressing the firing button 5 times again.   It is easy to use and simple to set up and put together. You take it out of the box and put screw it together. Put your juice in before you put your batteries in since the coil does get hot and then test it to see if the SMOK comes up on screen if it does then you are good to go!  CLI

The soft beginner handcuffs

 These handcuffs are perfect! They are soft and adjustable so that you can have them how tight or loose you want them. Lost the key? Person you were having sex with have a heart attack in the middle of it? You're ex is supper petty and tried to handcuff you to the bed? No problem you can easily let yourself out of these with a press of the button.  I love these and enjoy using them. The covering is super soft making it pleasurable and comfortable. These are perfect for beginners to get you use to them and I love them.  USE DISCOUNT CODE 215U HERE GET YOURS HERE