Friday, March 26, 2021

Penis Enlargement

 Penis enlargement maybe tricky! Some will say so and so work but in actuality it doesn't. People are so quick to say try the pills, the creams that they actually work but they don't. There is no proof to prove that it works. People will basically try to tell you anything to make a quick dollar off of someone giving them false hope and information. 

Devices can work such as the penis pumps and stretches though you have to use them wisely and directed on the materials or it could cause serious damage and injury. On the pumps be sure to use water based lubes so that the silicone is not being eaten away. Doing this also creates a tight vacuum seal. 

Testosterone  boosters can help being paired with the pump and stretcher they all increase the blood flow to the penis head which will make the entire penis grow longer and after so many uses it keeps the length. 

The pills advertised basically everywhere have a 95% failure and disappointment rate.

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