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Monday, January 17, 2022

Testosterone boosting

Sometimes, men need testosterone boosting.  Boosting it can have a lot of good effects not only to them but to you also. If they are having an erectile disfunction or their penis is losing length,  then the testosterone is kind of on the low side. 

For men there are boosters and vitamins that you can get to help boost it or you can go see your doctor about it. 

Testosterone plays a lot in the body for both men and women. It helps with body hair, voice deepening, sex drive, bone mass, strengths, it helps men with their sperm it just basically helps with the body all over.

Women also has testosterone along with estrogen. The term and saying my balls are bigger than yours is exactly where it came from. The testosterone in women helps with the reproductive system and bone mass. It also helps with metabolism and other things. When women has less testosterone then men we tend to loose our sex drive, feel fatigue, and have low energy. 

When we have way to much, we grow a lot of body hair all over and our voice will deepen, our clits will become larger and all kinds of thing change it can even take away our period or make them irregular and cause us to be infertile. To fix this, they give us birth control to balance the estragon to the testosterone, give us surgery, give us low dose testosterone and hormone therapy.

If you do not want to do testosterone boosting you can always use CBD to kind of help boost it which is nice since it is also a chemical compound that comes from a hemp plant.

Nutrition Male Vitality supplement 

CBD, THC blog here

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Period Gear and Cups

Periods suck. You never know when they will come on, pads leak and shifts, tampons hurt going in or out, slide out on their own when full and can cause shock. Sometimes they can not even collect it all and it leaks out even with the leak guard. It can just be yucky! 

The cups could help with a lot of this. The cups are light weight mensural cups that goes inside your vagina blocking the path for the blood to come out making it collect the blood. There are two different sizes depending on the amount of bleeding, depends on the cup you are using that day. They are comfortable and body safe. They are made of silicone so you do not have to worry about pain or anything. To get them out you and in you C-fold them and punch fold them. If you are unsure it does come with a manual to show you! 

 They are smooth and made of silicone so that they flex and fit right in. They are really easy to use and reusable! They are easy to wash and rinse out and last up to 12 hours. It is earth friendly and body friendly so you can save the earth from plastic and trash! - site has washable pads

Control orgasms with this Chastity belt

 The chastity belt does not hurt. It holds the vibrator inside of the vagina right on the g-spot making you squirm. The ball is a clit gag. ...