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Saturday, April 30, 2022


 Hello darling, are you looking for something that makes you look beautiful but are not sure what will work? Are you looking for something that compliments your shape and figure then look no farther. HauteFlair has all the latest fashions from bras, panties, lingerie, teddies, swimwear, waste trainers and so much more. 

They have all sizes from skinny, petite, to plus sizes. Many of us BBWS have been looking for cute things to wear including bras since most of the bra colors are only nudes and blacks or whites.

 Don't worry Hauteflair has many of them with different colors and styles which is neat. They have all kinds of lingerie and swimwear to choose from to be sure you are looking cute and the best. They also have things on sale also so so many deals going on to choose from. Hop on over to HauteFlair by using my link below and get you something.

Save 10% on HauteFlair by using my discount code LOVELY. You can thank me later.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Wet look tanga panties queen size

These panties are so comfortable! It fits and cuffs my hips so nice and it even lets my c-section scar breathe! The title says QUEEN size but its really XL. It is so soft and I love them! My ass fits so nicely in them just like boy shorts. I love the way it cuffs my cheeks also and I just love the way they look and feel. The wet look is a great look for them and I would by them again to keep a few on hand just because I love how comfy they are.

 It  drove my husband wild as I pranced around with them on trying to get him in the mood on our anniversary and it truly worked! He could not wait to get them off of me.

Eden is having a deal on these! Don't miss it!
1 for $7.49
2 for $6.99 each
3 for $6.49 each
4+ for $5.99 each 

Monday, October 7, 2019

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Hello everyone who follows or Google's our blog! Thank you so much for reading our reviews!! I hope they helped you out as much as I love writing it.

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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Sexy Outfits

You ever wanted to dress up? You found a sexy little outfit that your man or woman loved and they just cannot control themselves and just attack you and almost ripping it off? This is my favorite.

I enjoy playing dress up and turning my husband on to the point he cannot take it and try to rip it off. I enjoy teasing him with toys and strip teasing till the point his penis gets so hard and I drive him so wild that he no longer can control himself.

I enjoy the sexy panties and thongs along with the teddies. He loves it so much that he almost ripped one of them throwing me on the bed and having his wait with me.

I love it when I tease him to the point he cannot control it anymore and his hard cock shows through the sexy underwear he has and it just turns me on.

Sexy Outfits For Everyone! HERE!

Control orgasms with this Chastity belt

 The chastity belt does not hurt. It holds the vibrator inside of the vagina right on the g-spot making you squirm. The ball is a clit gag. ...