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Friday, March 19, 2021

Penis Pumps

 Penis pumps are great for stretching and extending the girth buy applying pressure and sucking. Did you know that there is so much of your penis still inside of your body? So if you are short that could be a reason why. It is best to go slowly with them so the pressure does not hurt you. Also lube helps get the ring over your penis you can take it and put it on that way or just use it in one whole move. 

Penis pumps are 100% safe and has many great things that it does. Although it does take a while and a few uses for the penis to length and girth grow the pumps help with erectile dysfunction by elevating the blood flow. 

There are all kinds of penis pumps. Ones with gages, manual ones, ones that vibrates, automatic ones and some that takes water. There is one for everyone no matter the size or what you are needing. 



Automatic Penis Pump


This penis pump is automatic and does its job but you will have to keep at it. You can basically take the motor and the plastic ring off to store it and clean it or keep it all together your choice.

It is best to check the suction of your pump just incase it is to much for you and this allows you to adjust it the way you want to know how many times to press the buttons. You can basically adjust the pressure 3 different ways by using the + and - buttons to give you the sensation that you are wanting but be warned that it can hurt if to much pressure is applied to fast so it is best to go slowly. The clear tube allows you to watch your dick grow into the size you are wanting and it doesn't happen quickly it can take a few times although we all wish it did grow and stretch quickly.

 If your pump decides to go crazy and start sucking away at your penis then there is a quick release button and you can do so by holding the - button. 

Water based lube helps the ring go over your penis but if you want you can take the ring off and put it on your penis then put the machine on it which ever is easier for you. 

It is rechargeable so you do not have to worry about batteries. 

My husband likes it but sometimes dislikes it due to the motor sucks it to hard for him but everyone has a different experience depending on the penis size. 


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