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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Swell Cock


 The swell cock will rock your world! It may be a little to big to begin with but you can get use to it. It swells up so big after a couple pumps and it just makes you feel full and whole. It can even make you cum with no problem. 

You can suction this bad boy to basically any surfaces and ride it with not problem. You will need to use smaller to medium toys along with fingers and plenty of lube to stretch out your holes first as in this toy when it is inflated is a lot bigger than when you first get it. This toy is made out of material that allows it to inflate safely inside of the vagina or anus, which means it is perfect for anal intercourse.

The base of the toy is flared out so that you will not lose it inside of the anus, so no WeeWoo trips. The base also has an indent cut out for O rings to be placed on it, this is so that you can use it on a strap on harness. It can slip off of certain rings such as the silicone rings, I recommend using a metal ring and to try the smallest you have first to gauge the size ring needed, you can get extra rings here!

My husband enjoyed this toy as much as I did, during use as your partner can add air into it and see your excitement of it expanding inside of you. The pleasure from the different sizes the swell cock will make you fly over the moon! Also lets not forget the amazing vibrations giving you an amazing tingling sensation, which makes me truly enjoy the swell cock. I would give swell cock a Five Star review, because I will be using it again both on myself and while pegging my husband, did I also mention how super realistic it is?


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