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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Mini Nipple Suckers is a NO from me

Mini nipple suckers - Nipple suckersI strongly dislike these. They do not stay on the nipples at all, I am unsure if it is because my breast are big or if it is just the way they are made.
 There is barely any suction and they barely suck on. They are a pain and they do not really cause pleasure. 

They are almost pointless to me I guess it is because I have clamps and nipple ropes that I use. If you are a beginner to nipple play then try these first but other than that that is the only reason to try them.

Get them here on Eden fantasy! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Nipple clamp

I love having clamps on my nipples they cause so much pleasure and sensation. You can even tighten up the clamps to as tight or loose that you want them to be. I  enjoy and love them on my nipples because I enjoy the stimulation and the pain and tension they are giving my nipples if  they are tightened up enough.

Nipple clamps can kind of hurt after awhile if they are to tight but if that is what your into then it's a great thing for you to get. These are comfortable and are great to use because you can adjust them.


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