Anyone can get polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). If you do not know what PCOS is it is where your body does not make enough hormones due to cyst being on the uterus and ovaries or they are just low just because your body cannot make enough. It is more common in women then male and no it is not cause by obesity like everyone states. Doctors will tell you anything is caused by obesity. 

Lots of people have symptoms and they go misdiagnosed or doctors just won't diagnose it due to not having the main symptom or missing a few
. One of the symptoms of it is chin hair or being able to grow a beard as a female. Another one is having severe pain in the uterus, gaining excess weight in which doctors will blame that for the PCOS instead of looking into the issues. Irregular or abnormal menstrual cycle which includes missing periods like I have, shorter than normal periods, heavy periods. 

I have been struggling with serve pain in my uterus, missing period and all kinds of things including obsessive weight gain, chin and beard hair, growing hair quickly all over body and they will not test me for PCOS. I have had heavy crippling periods since I was 10 and its like it got worst and worst. I have been struggling with the chin hair since my teenage years and after my third kid, my period comes on every three years or so. Also one breast is entirely larger than the other.

I was told it was just stress, weight gain and so much more. I get so tired, fatigue and so much more now over nothing but they won't look into it. I have pain in my uterus all the time every day and when I get checked for it they tell me its nothing that they see or can do. 

My OBGYN was trying to prescribe me birth control for a headache that was caused by a serve sinus infection in which I was told to go to her for my period since it did not come on after my 3rd child.

I also have a cyst on my cervix and I do not even think anyone is to concerned about it since my doctor has been all in there and she will not do a pap smear due to I only slept with my spouse even though cervical cancer runs in my family. 

I have switch from three different OBGYN. My first OBGYN moved offices and states due to personal life issues. So I was transferred to her practitioner in which was was sweet but the nurse was rude. I also had so many compilations due to the pregnancy I could not make it to the hospital that I was suppose to be delivered at. I had to go to the one that was closest since I was having so much pain and discomfort and they save mine and my sons life. 

I went back to the same OBGYN office by transfer with my second due to I did not like the doctor rotation at the other one and got a different doctor the nurse was still rude and the doctor was kind of also. Once I had my son I was so miserable and the ward nurse was rude and always in a hurry that I passed a large and long clot but they said everything was fine. 

My third I went back to the OBGYN where they save me and I had an better experience until I found out from my surgeon for my gallbladder that none of my organ was in the correct spot and they had to go back in and put them back. 

So eventually, I am going to have a hysterectomy due to I am tired of suffering with the pain and everything from the uterus. I am not going to have anymore kids and I am not sure if I can. I have not had a period except one this year and it was in March and that was it. I feel I am already perimenopause due to the hot flashes and no periods. 

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