Saturday, August 22, 2020

A Strong Woman or Person

  When you are a strong woman or person you are independent. You will do things on your own and not care. You will pull your weight and make sure those around you and your family will and can make it. The old saying goes a strong independent woman/person will not need a man or anyone to do anything for them they got it themselves. Yes it would be nice to have some help from time to time but sometimes the help that you get is no good and does no good. 

We basically heard every excuse and all kinds of things from I will do something and they never do it or the reasons why they cannot do anything. We heard it all and it's the same thing either from the same person or different people. Never get your hopes up because they will surely tell you things that you want to hear or they will tell you things they think you want to hear. I have heard it all from don't worry to I will do something and been disappointed day in and day out waiting for it to get done and guess what months to years down the road it has not been done or when I get tired something being a way and I try to do something for myself then they just jump up and try to do it and do it and give you some excuse of why they haven't done it.

 EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES BLAME, BLAME, BLAME. A human can only take so much and then its like we get tired of having to tell what to do. We get tired of being blamed and hearing the excuses. We ask a simple thing and we get nothing but excuses or time they will do it and it never gets done. It all just piles up.

 We sometimes decide to take things in our own hands cause we are sick of it. We ask for simple things to be done and we get disappointed and so we learn to pick up our own weight and carry it and not wait for anyone. We make sure our family is good and bills are paid. Waiting for people to do stuff can get tiring and start to pile up. This could be stressful and harmful. Some may not understand this but most will.

Let me tell you you are appreciated and it will all work out in the long run! Do not give up even if you're tired. I love you!  Single parents I see you! LGBT community, I see you! I love you! Do not give up! I am here for you. 

Some people do not understand how bad it is for people around us. We need to love and support each other. We all are different some how but we are all human. We all are struggling some how so why not be the hand up to help them? You see others struggling and needing help why not do something about it? 

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